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Spatio-Temporal Perspectives,
Cognitive Engineering, and Symbolization

"Our virtues lie in the interpretation of the time."
(Shakespeare, Coriolanus, IV, 7.)

Spatio-Temporal Perspective: gaining vantage points over time and space.

The present approach is combining Philosophical Anthropology and Current Neurological Research with own R&D work in the Leibniz LPL Project.

Using the approach of Spatio-Temporal Perspectives for Cognitive Engineering

Cognitive Engineering (Celestine A. Ntuen):
"Coupling of human sensory systems and artificial sensory systems,
realism of information display,
interaction bandwidth between human and computers."

Primary literature:
Cassirer (1954): "Philosophy of Symbolic Forms"
Leroi-Gourhan (1984): "Hand and Word" (Le Geste et la Parole)
Bücher (1924): "Arbeit und Rhythmus"
Klages (1981): "Der Geist als Widersacher der Seele"

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