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Time and Factors of Rhythm
in Cognitive Engineering

Rhythm is Temporal Perspective

Rhythm is the temporal patterning of events. Before the advent of power driven machinery, all human work was governed by rhythm. The "secret" of the Egyptian Pyramid building technology was the applied science of human mass mobilization and precision coordination through rhythm.

Neuro-Resonance Technology is based on Rhythm

When Rhythm is applied as productive factor in extrasomatic implements (tools, weapons), we speak of Neuro-Resonance Technology NRT . All the early human-powered craft tools and weapons were masterpieces of NRT. We tend to underestimate their sophistication because they appear so commonplace. Examples: Axes, Atl-Atls, Bolas, Boomerangs, Sling-Shots, manual (Fire-) Drills... William Calvin describes the important influence of neuronal ballistic control for the evolution of intelligence. When machines took over in the production process and in war, the "secrets" of rhythm design were largely forgotten. The military remains strongly conscious of time factors and a strong user of NRT. Marching formations and -music are remaining applications of NRT. The Roman Legionaries had probably reached the ultimate achievement in mass NRT applications. Not to forget that the Fasces, the old Roman Symbol of unification of many people under one order and will, is also the hallmark of Faschism. The terrifying effects of NRT had found ample use in recent totalitarian experiments.

More Literature:
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Bücher (1924): "Arbeit und Rhythmus"
Klages (1981, III): "Vom Wesen des Rhythmus"
Spengler (1980): "Der Untergang des Abendlandes"

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