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Human Temporal Orientation

A: The Present - The "Now" - The Cogent Moment

The Present is the focus of all existence. We cannot act and think but in the Now, and also Memory, the mental projections of a Past, and Expectation, the projections of a Future, can only happen in the present moment. In German, the Now is called "der Augen-Blick", which again leads us back to the old symbolism. In neurological terms, the Now is governed by a temporal coherence function spanning about three seconds: "the three second consciousness" (Pöppel).

C: The Future: The Expectation

B: The Past
B1: Personal Memory
B2: Collective / Cultural Memory
B3: Phylogenetic Memory, Genetic Heritage, Instincts

D: The Forgetting, Death, Dissolution of Memory

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