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Applications of Spatio-Temporal Perspective in Cognitive Engineering, and HCI

If transportation technology had kept the same pace as computers...

A well-known saying on the state of affairs in computerdom is based on a comparison between computers and cars, and it goes about like this:
"If transportation technology had kept the same pace as computers, a Rolls Royce would cost about one Dollar and would go about thousand miles per gallon of fuel."

But this is an euphemism or simply a make-believe. A more correct statement would be:
"If transportation technology had run the same course as computers, we would all be using battle cruisers or armored transports and tanks, for driving to work, to the supermarket, or to the disco."

Closer scrutiny of the design principles of current computer systems yields a classic case of obliteration of the mobility factor in the basic "mobility-security-firepower" triangle of the military that was presented above. The classic design aim of current systems is Firepower: "to get a bigger bang for the buck", indicating the featuritis that is the current rage of the industry. The issue of Security is mainly centered around protecting the interests of the SW vendor's copyrights. The dominant Industry-Political Security Factor is: "Don't Sell Winchesters to Indians". It doesn't increase the profits of the SW if the Users become too powerful or too productive.

With present system failure levels of the Win-XX standard, Security for the User seems to be as low as any time.

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